Cleaning and Polishing

Many people see the mouth as separate from rest of their body. But the reality is that its all same and interconnected. Thus the problems in your mouth can cause or act as an indicator of disesases in other parts of body.
Therefore cleaning is essential not just for teeth but gums and healthy body and mind.

Why do I need cleaning of teeth?

Our teeth get covered by biofilm called plaque which is a soft sticky layer and contains a large amount of bacteria. This layer is formed after meals. Thus it is important to clean your teeth after every meals. Our teeth are continuosly bathed in saliva which contains calcium and other salts which help in strengthening teeth. But these materials get deposited over the surface of your teeth which dentists like to call as calculus or tartar. This is very similar to the chalky substance limescale which eventually builds up in the pipes and kettles. This calculus is harmful as it also provides an environment for the bacteria to develop very close to your gums. This bacteria produces harmful acids which will slowly degrade the health of gums leading to swollen gums, bleeding gums and eventually loose gums and loose teeth. Since the calculus/tartar sometimes appear as tooth like it could be mistaken by you as a part of tooth. Thus a dentist’s advice is important. Sometimes this tartar can be yellowish, brownish or even blackish depending upon the type of bacteria present and stains picked by the food materials.

How the professional dental cleaning is performed?

The dentist uses a specialised instruments to gently remove the calculus without harming your teeth. The device used works on ultrasound and the tips of the instruments vibrates to knock off the hard calculus loose from the tooth surfaces. It also emits a cooling spray to reduce the temperature.

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What is polishing?

Polishing is done after teeth cleaning.
Once all the debris is removed then polishing is done with a paste like material which is run all along the tooth surface using a slow speed handpiece.

Is it painful?

No it is not painful and does not require any anaesthetics.

Will it leave my teeth loose?

The feeling of looseness of teeth is because your gums were swollen due to calculus. When calculus is removed it feels empty and also the gums which were loose will take one or two days to heal and hold your teeth tightly.