Beautiful teeth are ultimate accessory. A beautiful smile inspires confidence, projects youth, warmth, vitality and health. Have you ever been jealous of someone’s beautiful n confident smile? Come visit us. Its our pleasure to create beautiful smiles.

The benefits of orthodontics include

  • A healthier mouth
  • A more pleasing smile and facial appearance
  • Relieved stress from chewing muscles and joints

Based on the following details orthodontic treatment plan is decided.

  • Medical history
  • Models of your teeth
  • Photographs
  • Special x rays

How does orthodontic treatment work?

There are many fixed and removable appliances that apply very gentle forces on teeth to move them to a proper place, help in attaining proper jaw growth and help in getting rid of certain bad habits like thumb sucking.

Fixed appliances can also be of different types like

Metal braces

Ceramic (tooth coloured)

Invisible (lingual)

The metal braces are also available in self ligating braces. The self ligating braces are more comfortable for the patient.
The invisible braces are placed on the inside of the tooth surfaces and are therefore not seen on smiling or talking.

What if you are conscious of the treatment with braces?

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These are known as clear aligners. These are a special kind of sheet moulded to apply pressure on some teeth.

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Clear aligners treatment without braces