Tooth Coloured Fillings:

What is a filling?

A filling is a material which is placed in your tooth as there was decay in your tooth which has caused a depression by eating away or dissolving of the tooth structure.

Will the filling be visible on smiling?

Previously the filling was done by silver materials. Nowadays there are different materials available which are white in colour and some materials are available in different shades which your dentist will match with your tooth’s shade and use accordingly.

Why is drilling required to do filling?

Drilling is a process to remove all the infected part of the tooth structure followed by filling in that space.

Is it painful procedure?

No its not a painful procedure. Deep filling might cause slight sensitivity temporarily.

Should I get all my old silver fillings replaced?

Silver fillings have a lot of disadvantages like:

  • Cracks in filling
  • Decay under the filling
  • Loss of seal between tooth and the filling
  • Discoloration over time
  • Leakage of mercury in mouth
  • Cracks in tooth
  • Unesthetic appearance
These are some of the major disadvantages. The main reason to avoid these fillings is that your dentist will need to cut more tooth structure to be able to place the silver filling successfully (loss of strength). Also silver fillings will not allow your dentist at a later date to be able to examine properly under the filling. Due to the colour of the filling the dentist can’t examine tooth fully. And also these fillings are opaque on x rays and therefore making it difficult to locate decay under the filling.
Silver fillings do not form any chemical bond with the tooth.
These fillings slowly disintegrate in oral environment causing leaching of mercury in mouth.
Even though all these points have not been scientifically proven but these problems have been noticed by dentists worldwide.
Thus if you wish to replace such fillings, then start with larger ones first.

Will all these disadvantages not occur with tooth coloured filling materials?

The tooth coloured fillings will allow your dentist to be able to view and examine properly if there are any decays developing.
The visibility of filling on X rays varies with the type of material used.
For these fillings tooth structure is not cut unnecessarily, only the part that is infected is cut and removed.
These materials form a micromechanical bond with the tooth, while some materials form chemical bond with the tooth and also release fluoride which helps prevent further decay.
On top of all these fillings are tooth coloured giving and aesthetic appearance and are barely perceptible on smilling.
These fillings do not crack over time.
These do not contain mercury.

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